Badr Communiqué on Delegation 2

Apr 3, 2014 | Badr Ethiopia

DeligatinoAll praise is to Allah for making it possible for the Badr Delegation to return from its special and productive mission to Ethiopia. Following its return, the Delegation has been briefing the Badr Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and the Executive branch about the mission. Shortly, Badr communities will also be briefed about the outcome of the trip.

Briefly, the Delegation took strong initiatives to open communication channels and establish constructive engagements with all stakeholders to address critical concerns and solutions related to Muslims in Ethiopia and Diaspora. The Delegation frequently met with Ethiopian Government officials to raise and discuss the prime issues of concern for the Ethiopian Muslims and visited the Arbitration Committee members in prison. Furthermore, the Delegation conducted discussions and heard from other stakeholders involved in Ethiopian Muslim affairs. Given the limited time and resources, the Delegation and stakeholders have arrived at mutual understanding to engage in further dialog and continuation of the initiative to resolve the remaining issues on the agenda in the near future. The process is still ongoing and Badr is hopeful for a satisfactory resolution soon. As things unfold, Badr will publish updates.

Badr Ethiopia
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